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This group was formed in 2011 to bring together people interested in mining history and exploration for their mutual benefit, primarily by obtaining public liability insurance cover for activities related to the investigation of surface remains of mining activity.

We meet on the first Sunday of each month at a mine site near Grosmont where we have access to ironstone mine workings by kind permission of the landowner, and a dig is in progress to attempt to gain further access.

Starting in January 2012 we commenced improving access to another mine in Eskdale, again with the approval of the relevant landowner.

Our interests cover ironstone and lead mines, alum quarries, jet and cement workings, whinstone mines; generally industrial archaeology with a desire to find out more about these mineral extraction activities and to record and publish our findings where possible.

Any activity can be dangerous so it is expected that both the Society and its members act responsibly for the benefit of themselves and everyone else. But it is also great fun working together as a team sharing knowledge and experience.

If you would like more information please contact our secretary

12 thoughts on “About CMHS / Contact Us

  1. Hi there,

    my name is Michael Readman. I have made a Facebook group on the subject on Sunday and already it has attracted a lot of attention. https://www.facebook.com/SaveTheSsCastle There are lots of people wanting change in our area of Eston, and we, together, are going to make it happen.

    We are trying to contact the private owner of the Guibal Fan House AKA SS Castle, up Eston Hills, (they are believed to be in Durham.) This is regarding the relic being a Grade II listed building having been made in the 1870’s. It is also (and I don’t know if this to be true) the first steel reinforced building in the world.

    Its is crumbling and falling to bits and has not been maintained for years, the site is run down and needs protecting for future generations to see their heritage. As you can see from the pictures on the page, it is caked with graffiti. We intend to remove all of this at some stage, but our main aim is the restoration and possibly making it more hospitable to walkers etc.

    If there is any way you can help us, that would be greatly appreciated.


    Kind regards

    Michael Readman.

  2. The Guibal Fan House is an early example of a mass-concrete structure rather than steel reinforced. It is massively built so will survive structurally even though some bits might fall off. The graffiti can be cleaned off – but at a cost.
    If a group gets together to look after the site then CMHS will be able to help.
    For the longer term protection of the mining and other remains what is really needed is a “Friends of the Eston Hills” who could do maintenance work, apply for grants and attempt to educate the broader public to respect their own local area.

  3. Alright Simon,

    Yeah, spot on pal.

    Still waiting on phone number/email for the owners to get some info/permission to clean it up before we can go any further.

    With having 600+ likes on the page so far, we should have a decent chance of organising what you say.


    Kind regards


  4. Hi, I am very interested in the local mining and exploration of them, I would love to get involved with the preservation and exploration work that you do. I am based in Guisborough. Please could you forward me some membership information and how I become a member, thanks
    Aaron Clarke

  5. Could you please send me membership details. Think I saw you all this weekend from my (mine workers) house on Eskdaleside.

  6. Would really appreciate details of membership – have a long-standing interest in the mining heritage of Cleveland and North Yorkshire as the majority of my family worked in the pits around Brotton before they were closed. All the best.

  7. hello, ive noticed when passing through park pit mine, skelton. you have been tidying the spot up. both my grandads worked at park pit, i live in skelton and would be very interested in helping out if you need a hand, thanks mick

  8. Ive recently discovered the amazing history around us since moving from Stockton to hinderwell . Ive become fascinated to find and touch the remains around boulby . Id love to join and contribute . Regards

  9. I am a member of the Cleveland Industrial Archaeology Society and attended one of our walks to the Skelton Park Pit Ironstone Mine on Saturday 21st May. We were guided by Simon Chapman whose knowledge of the mine site was remarkable. He is a true expert on the subject of iron mining. I have been to the Park Pit before in the mid 1980s and took some photo,s most of the buildings had a roof on them, i was wondering if any one would be interested in having a look at the pics they can be scanned and emailed to you as i know you are busy with tidying the site up. Regards Dave

  10. Can I have details about how to join please. Interested in the mining around the north York moors and exploring them.

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