Bulletins of Industrial Archaeology Society for the North East

The 16 Bulletins of Industrial Archaeology Society for the North East date from 1966 to 1972

They offer a fascinating insight into the early days of Industrial Archaeology in our area with some of those involved founding the Beamish museum.
Many issues were edited by Keith Chapman, father of CMHS founder Simon, who kindly loaned me them to digitize.

Bulletin 1
County Durham Site List
A horse-gin at East Herrington – Frank Atkinson
Port Mulgrave and the Iron-Ore Trade – Frank Atkinson

Bulletin 2
Northumberland Site List
A Waddel Wheel – Frank Atkinson
County Durham Site List (additions)
South Hetton Wheels and Chimneys – Michael Wheeler
Old coal workings at Hett – Alan Stoyel
Some Northumberland Farmsteads – Mark Hughes
Millstones in the North East – Alan Stoyel

Bulletin 3
Regional Open Air Museum
Recording Farmsteads – Vera Chapman
Chaldron waggons at Seaham Harbour
Famous North Easterners – Frank Atkinson
Yorkshire Site List

Bulletin 4
Yorkshire Site List
Ice Houses near Hexham, Northumberland – E.P Griffith
Ventilation in the Cleveland Ironstone industry – Nigel A. Chapman
Tramway Relics in the North
Working Watermills – Tom Hay

Bulletin 5
Ironstone Workings of Port Mulgrave – S. K. Chapman
Crathorne Mill – H. E. S. Simmons
North Walbottle project – S. M. Linsley
Alum Industry of North East Yorkshire – S . K. Chapman
Tramcar relics – G. Hearse
Pencil Mill at Cronkley Scar – Frank Atkinson

Bulletin 6
Blowing Engines, Ayresome Works – John K. Harrison
Killhope Lead Crushing Mill – H. L. Beadle
Pumping engine at Darlington – M. G. C. W. Wheeler
The Last Chainsmith – Frank Atkinson

Bulletin 7

Cronkley Pencil Mill – Alan Stoyel
Killhope Lead Crushing Mill – John K. Harrison
Wire-rope making, Sunderland – Stuart Smith
Ingleby Greenhow Mill – Adrian Zealand
Recording the Ingleby Mill – John K. Harrison
Grinkle Mine Railway – Simon Chapman
Hodbarrow Mines- Nigel Chapman

Bulletin 8
Slate Pencil Mills – Vera Chapman
Reprints on Coal – Frank Atkinson
Humber Quadricycle – George Alderslade
Review: “Views of the Coalfield” – Stafford Linsley
Hodbarrow Engines – Leslie Charlton
Carr Crags Quarry – H. L. Beadle

Bulletin 9
End of an Era : “Reliant” – F. Flintoft
Recollections of a Washing Floor – John M. Sanderson
Colliery Names – Don Wilcock – Don Wilcock
The Derwentcote Steel Furnace – John K. Harrison
Settlingstones Mine – L. G. Charlton & H. Beavis
Cronkley & Newbiggin Pencil Mills – H. L. Beadle
Power from WaterWheels – T. T. Hay
A steam-operated Fire Engine – T. L. Finlay
Review : ‘BIAS’ No. 1

Bulletin 10
Scott’s Pottery, Southwick, Sunderland – Stuart B. Smith
A History of the Whitby & Pickering Railway – G. D. Calvert, B.Sc.
Lead Shot Tower at Elswick, Newcastle upon Tyne – R. M. Higgins
Review:”From Telegraphs to Nuclear Power”
A Visit to Pontop Pike and East Castle – Durham Industrial Archaeology Group
Early Bus Services in County Durham – S. A. Staddon
Review:”The Beginnings of Industrial Britain”

Bulletin 11
Ryhope Pumping Station – J W Almond
Colliery Engines – John K. Harrison
Book Review: “South Durham Steel and Iron Co. Ltd.”
Kilton Viaduct – W Huby
Teesside Salt Drilling Pumping Rig – D. M. Tomlin
“Reliant” Postcript – F. Flintoft

Bulletin 12
Lumpsey Ironstone Mine – N.A. Chapman and S.A. Chapman

Bulletin 13
The Development of Colliery Railways in County Durham – Colin E. Mountford.

Bulletin 14
Belmont Junction Water Tower – W. Fawcett
Coal from Croxdale Pit – Phillip Grant
A Gin Wheel in S. E. Northumberland – H. Beavis, J. Day, S. M. Linsley
Bell Pits at Whittonstall – R. M. Higgins
Visits to some old Colliery Engines – R. M. Higgins

Bulletin 15
The Origins of Seaham Harbour – D. W. Pattenden
The Rosedale Mineral Line and Ingleby Incline – W. Huby
Tiny Tim, a relic of a bygone age – R. Benson
A Durham Canal – D. Wilcock

Bulletin 16
North Country ‘Bee Hive’ Bread ovens – Vera Chapman
Lime Kilns of Upper Teesdale – H. L. Beadle


North East Industrial Archaeology Council

Newsletter 1 – Summer 1972
Crowtrees Colliery
Coal Mining in Bedlingtonshire

Newsletter 2 – Autumn 1972
Beehive Bread Ovens – Vera Chapman
Yarm Vinegar Brewery – David Tomlin
NER Brakevan Restoration – Simon Chapman

Newsletter 3 – Spring 1973
Industries of the Ironbridge Gorge
Brittannia Bridge – DW Pattenden

Newsletter 4 – Autumn 1973
British Industrial Archaeology Conference – 1973
Industrial Monuments In County Durham
Links with Early Middlesbrough

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