Bottle Bodger

I’m not trying to compete with the mighty Gav here, but here are a couple of local broken bottles i’ve cleaned up from our recent trips (nothing removed from underground)

We have “C. Garnett Middlesbro” which came from the rubbish in the bottom of the shaft project

This “Richardson Bros Normanby” has lying by the track as I was leaving on Saturday afternoon.

2 thoughts on “Bottle Bodger

  1. We found one of the Garnett bottles in the woods – the exact one that you have in the first photo, but ours is complete except for the metal findings. Can you tell me anything about this bottle please?

    Many thanks

    • The bottle you have will be from about 1900 to 1920.
      The original stopper would have been made of a hard black material,it would have had a thread to screw in to the neck of the bottle.
      Their would have been a rubber washer on the shoulder of the stopper to make an air tight seal.
      Hope this information is of help to you.
      All the best Gavin

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