Grosmont (Eskdale) Mines – Dismantlement Sale

The following notice appeared in the Yorkshire Post on June 12th 1922.


Dismantlement Sale
Grosmont, R.S.O., Yorkshire (on the Whitby and Stockton Railway).

A. T. and E. A CROW. F.A.I., Auctioneers, Sunderland. have been
honoured with instructions from the Owners to Sell by Auction, on THURSDAY,
15th June, 1922,

The Whole of the Valuable PLANT and MACHINERY, comprising :-
100 Tons F.B. Rails, 22 and 26 lb. per yard.
40 Tons Bridge Rails. 181b. per yard,
4 Sets Points and Crossings, 12 Sets C.I. Points,
Crossings and Sweeps.
60 Sets Right and Left Hand Twynes.
Quantity Fishplates. Bolts, and Nuts.
31 Sets Blackett and Martin’s Patent Rotary Rock Drills.
115 SPLENDID W.I. ORE STONE TUBS, 2ft. gauge,
Steel Wheels and Axles. 3ft. 6in. x  2ft.6in x 1ft. 6in.
5 Shale Tubs. 2ft. gauge.
100 Smallman’s Tub Wagon Clips for endless rope.
2 Excellent 5ft. Incline Sheaves with double screw brake.
Nearly new endless incline winding rope, 2 3/4in. dia.;
100 new Hickory pick shafts. 80 pick shafts with sockets.
100 4lb. steel hammers, new drill steel, 100 pinch bars.
Platelayers’ hammers, quantity W.I. wagon couplings. 3 link. 1 1/8 in dia. quantity
of copper prickers and stemmers. copper wire, ratchet braces, steel chisels
and punches, nearly new circular bellows. 2ft. 3in. dia.,
stocks, taps and dies, 60 W.I. sprags, 2 navvy barrows,
quantity of rail dogs and nails, blacksmith’s new iron,
6in. vice, new rivets and bolts, grindstone and frame,
electric gongs and telephones, spanners, 1,000 wood
sleepers, galv. tank 3ft. by 2ft. by 2ft., rape oil. tub
grease, deals and battens.
Wooden Erections – P.P. office and miners room. 36ft x 13ft x  9ft.;
wooden hut. 8ft. 9in. x 6ft. x 8ft.;
P.P. tip shed. 85ft. 6in. x  29ft.; corrugated weigh
cabin. 12ft. 6in. x 9ft.. matchwood boarding.

Sale to commence One o’clock precisely.
Catalogues now preparing and obtainable from the
Auctioneers, Manor House. Sunderland.
Telegrams on Day of Sale. “Crow,” c.o. Ironstone, Grosmont. Yorks
Telephone: 731 Sunderland.

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