Upleatham East End Excavation Talk, Margrove Park 12/11/2012

Filmed at the Margrove Park Heritage Centre, Simon Chapman talks about the excavation we undertook in Errington woods in 2011 on the remains of the original East Winning Hauler House built in the 1860’s.

A few second of dialogue is missing between each video due to memory card swapping.

Due to filming in low light it may be hard to see the photos simon refers to but in a future update i post those same images with a time stamp in this post so they can be viewed alongside these videos.

Part 01:

Part 02:

Part 03:


Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum – Waddle Fan Pit Clearence

Following Simon Chapmans talk at the museum a couple of weeks ago, we volunteered our services to do some maintenance jobs at the museum. The main one being the clearing of the Waddle Fan pit which was becoming overgrown with moss and ferns.

Three group members descended ladders into the pit whilst the rest hauled out the rubbish in buckets.

The ‘Before’ shot

The ‘After’ shot

A very enjoyable day was had by all and we were also fortunate enough to get a look at some of the areas beyond the normal museum tour, we even managed to recruit a new group member.