Eston Mines Cleanup 05/10/2014

CMHS Members teamed up with the Friends Of Eston Hills to give mining remains on the hill a going over to remove as much litter as we could in a day.

The first site tidied was the Trustee Powder Magazine which sadly these days is used as the go to place for local boozers. Steve and myself arrived an hour or so before the others giving us time to clean the internal rooms of the Magazine. Once the FOEH arrived they got to work and within a short time we had the Magazine Yard free of litter, all the rubbish bags were then hauled down the hill to a point where a flatbed truck from the council could reach.

IMG_0192_1024x768 IMG_0193_1024x768IMG_0195_1024x768

At this point we lost a few people as they had other duties to do, once the truck was full those who remained climbed up the hill to Old Bank where we continued the litter pick from there to New Bank and eventually all the way to the Lazenby Fanhouse. The masses of litter bags we filled were pilled at New Bank where they were collected by the council a few days later.