Esk mine powder magazine

Pictures by Eric Duston

Work progressing on the left hand side of the doorway .

Bricks being set into the centre of the wall,on this magazine the wall is three courses of bricks thick .

Colin checking the bricks are level

Work progressing on the right hand side of the door,note the slots for the original wooden floor joists.

Another brick goes into place

Mining/quarrying relic

Hope this is of some interest enclosed in this article are some pictures of a copper pricker.
This was given to me by a friend it came from a cottage in Egton bridge,the cottage was called Delves cottage.
The name of the possible owner was Arthur Readman Spencley he was a stone mason in the quarry’s for Egton estate.
The reason that I say “possible” owner is the pricker has J J stamped in to it.
The total length of the pricker  is 65cm or 25.5 inches.
Bellow are some pictures of the pricker.-